lundi 21 juillet 2008

Operating Schedule

Operation should last from july, 27th until august, 2nd.

I should be QRV each of these evenings from 15h00 UTC to about 18h00 UTC starting on 20 m and then switching to 30 m according to propagation.

The approximate locations and callsigns should be:

27/7 JT1EPY/6 Uvurkhangai
28/7 JT1EPY/8 Bayankhongor
29/7 JT1EPY/8 Gobi Altai
30/7 to 2/8 JT1EPY/0 Eclipse camp in Altai Soum

(Thanks to Khos JT1CD, secretary of the MARS, for the early communication of the callsign and for the map)

I am intending to operate in WSPR QSO mode on the WSJT HF DX window for Europe, thus a VFO USB dialing frequency of:

20 m 14076.0
30 m 10139.0 eventually going down to 10138.7 if PSK31 QRM was too strong.

VOACAP issues the following prediction to Paris (France): the SNR (in 1 Hz bw) for my working conditions (2.5W in isotrope antenna) for a reliability of 50% . Above 15 dB (in 1 Hz bw) should be enough for a WSPR SNR of -20 (in 2500 Hz bw).

There is a tiny opportunity of US NE coast opening around 15h00 UTC on 20 m and overall propagation should be the best to LA/SM/OH with an emphasis on 30m.

I may eventually operate CW, watch DX Cluster.

73's de Dominique, F6EPY

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